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Get files from subversion without creating a sandbox using svn export

One of the first things people learn about using subversion is how to do a "checkout" using svn co. The svn checkout command pulls files from the subversion repository into your "sandbox" and in so doing creates what subversion calls a "working copy". A working copy includes a .svn directory in every subdirectory of the working copy, which is chock full of directories and files that svn uses to determine what you're doing in your sandbox.

A "working copy" is designed to be just that -- a copy of the source tree built with the assumption that you will be making changes and committing them back to subversion. But what do you do if you want the files, but you don't need or want a sandbox?

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Lampsig 2008 Presentation on Subversion for Lamp Developers

Here are the slides for the presentation on subversion I gave at the September 2008 LampSIG meeting. I hope some may find them useful, however they were meant only to provide a skeleton for the talk, and aren't a complete tutorial by any means. The following links to other sites were mentioned in the talk:

The Red bean book, aka Subversion manual
The svnmerge python script
Subversion tips Article
Subversion Cheat Card

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