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Baby Gizmo

It's been a while since I did a mainpage update. Came across a couple of classic old photos taken by my old college roommate Peter Fong, and decided to do a rescan. These were taken when we had an apartment in Redondo Beach across from the ocean, and Giz was still just a puppy. These were pretty badly damaged, but thanks to Adobe Photoshop they're looking pretty good again, at least in the online form. This scan was a lot better than the original one which has been on the site for a long time. Click on either photo for the fullsize version in the gallery.
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Giz at the Gym

I bought and assembled a Smith machine, which is a sorta home gym weight rack a while back, and set it up in our basement room. Gizmo likes to sit out on the porch entrance and monitor the stairway while I'm working out.

It's been a long time since I updated, primarily thanks to the demise of my DSL Internet connection when Northpoint went bankrupt. Apparently, my house is just a bit too far to from the local pacbell central office for me to get reliable DSL service (even though I had it for over a year from Northpoint!). I tried two seperate ISP's and in both cases waited weeks only to find out at the last minute that they couldn't provide me service.

I've found a new one and am keeping my fingers crossed. Fortunately, I was able to colocate the gizmola server with Kent Bulza, who has been nice enough to help get it and my mail going again. Thanks Kent!
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Dog Days

  • Gizmo and Scrappy continue their whirlwind year. They were recently Cover boys on an album by local Jazz musicians "Laurel Canyon Radio Company".
    Click on the image to check out their site, which has some interesting information regarding Laurel Canyon and more about their albums, which are for sale nationally. The album has a canine theme, in that the songs are about dogs and their owners in both the literal and allegorical sense. Gizmo and Scrappy are scheduled to appear in a book of photography due out some time in the future. We should have more details later.
    If I can get a scanner hooked up I'll try and post some of the proofs.

  • My Experiments with Audiocasting continue. From time to time I'll run a relayed streaming mp3 channel on Live365. I've stayed with the domain. If it's running, you can stream it using an mp3 player like winamp. The playlist has over 500 songs in it pulled from my music collection. Try clicking here and if it's up, you should get the station.

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