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Dog Days

  • Gizmo and Scrappy continue their whirlwind year. They were recently Cover boys on an album by local Jazz musicians "Laurel Canyon Radio Company".
    Click on the image to check out their site, which has some interesting information regarding Laurel Canyon and more about their albums, which are for sale nationally. The album has a canine theme, in that the songs are about dogs and their owners in both the literal and allegorical sense. Gizmo and Scrappy are scheduled to appear in a book of photography due out some time in the future. We should have more details later.
    If I can get a scanner hooked up I'll try and post some of the proofs.

  • My Experiments with Audiocasting continue. From time to time I'll run a relayed streaming mp3 channel on Live365. I've stayed with the domain. If it's running, you can stream it using an mp3 player like winamp. The playlist has over 500 songs in it pulled from my music collection. Try clicking here and if it's up, you should get the station.

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