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  • Wow, the y2k is here. It's been a long time since I've added to the news section of the site, and much has changed. Signalling this is my crappy flash based flower animation, rendered to animated gif. For now consider it a placeholder for the amazing Y2k flash interface. Gizmo is hard at work on it, in our amazing new abode high above the sunset strip on Grandview Drive. A 360 degree panorama is in the planning stages, and should appear in the month of february.

  • I've taken a job, self described as an Internet entertainment studio. Not 100% sure what that is, but it's incredibly interesting. Our company name is Check out the site (as of this writing purely a preview site) at

  • One of our first projects is a behind the scenes documentary following the Red Hot Chili peppers on their y2k tour promoting their album Californication. I created this banner ad as a test for the company, and kinda liked the way it turned out. Sadly at 20k it's too big for a banner ad. All the images were extracted by me from the videos themselves. How did I do it? It's a secret, but some information will probably start appearing in the tech section as soon as i have time.

  • We've bought some Canon DV cameras (GL1 & XL1) and are doing some interesting web video and quicktime VR stuff, as well as encoding streaming medias. I hope to add interesting information as the year goes on.

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