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Phillips-Crawford Wedding

My lifelong pal, Tim Phillips married Alicia Crawford on Saturday June 9th, 2001 in Malvern Pennsylvania.

On Friday night we attended the rehearsal dinner courtesy of Tim's parents David and Gretchen. Tim's mom also happens to be my godmother, and a special lady with a great sense of humor, spirit of adventure and appetite for literature. It was great to see her up and about after her recent illness. The dinner afforded us an opportunity to meet some of Alicia's friends and family and see old friends like Brian and Susan Dye.

On Saturday we attended the marriage ceremony, and I managed to snap a few photos with Tracy's Fujifilm Finepix 1300 digital camera. The finepix is a relatively inexpensive 1.3 megapixel camera (1280x960 max resolution) with an lcd screen on the back.

Both photos on this page were taken at the reception held at the People's Light Theater in the town of Paoli, where I grew up, and where my parents still reside.

I was relieved not to have to make any speeches at the event, although I did don a tux for the festivities. There were some excellent toasts made by Alicia's brother-in-law Tad, Tim's brother in law (the best man) Vince Connelly, and a sermon from Tim's older brother Andy, who is a practicing minister in Virginia.

Alicia's parents threw a lively reception featuring a buffet dinner, a better than average band that specialized in classic soul and motown hits, and several hundred enthusiastic guests.
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