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Muckraking online

The Internet is rampant with conspiracy theorists and websites devoted to revealing "the truth" about all sorts of topics from "Extraterrestrials" to the coverup of "Bill Clinton's out of control cocaine addiction." Part of the fun can be attempting to seperate the truth from the fiction. And so we come to the strange and possibly true story of one Bob Kolody and his 4 billion dollar lawsuit against the Coca Cola company:

"But if some of those shareholders knew the story that you are about to read, they would have good reason to question Coca-Cola Chairman Doug Daft about Bob Kolody. They would be fascinated to know that for the past four years Coke has employed one of the country’s top intellectual property lawyers to defend a case that it has never identified in its annual SEC filings. What’s more, the $4 billion lawsuit has gone totally unreported by a national media that has, of late, reveled in the prospect of major U.S. corporations involved in trials that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars in damages."

Read the fascinating story of Bob Kolody at the online mudracking site and decide for yourself.
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